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Metabolic Transformation Programme

The secret lies in balancing metabolism using a diet designed specifically for the Programme and highly absorbent, natural supplements.

Why is Our Programme not a diet?

Losing weight is not the basic principle of the programme. Properly nourished cells get rid of unnecessary, stored load themselves, among others the excess of salt, sugar, fats, toxins and metabolic waste.

The advantages of our programme

Reduction of visceral fat, regulation of cholesterol and glucose level, as well as blood pressure are only some of the advantages of the Programme.

Our goals and values

We look at every person in a complementary way, since only such an attitude brings effects.
Your and Our Involvement as well as dedication are crucial to achieve the goal and be a success. Everyone in Kreacja Ciała makes their contribution and is a part of a Whole. Without the values nothing is possible – they are essential in our action.

Our Clients

A Client is the most important person in our Company.
Because of the Client we become better, more experienced and open to the development. Every day we work on diagnosing the Client’s needs and fulfilling his/her expectations! We offer him/her specific solutions and results.

Our responsibility

What counts is what we guarantee by our everyday action.
And our everyday action translates into your change for the better, the improvement in your comfort of Life.

Our communication

Mutual trust enables creating the relation, in which one can discuss mistakes without fear.
We learn from them, take up challenges and solve problems together. That is why it is so important to create a proper and positive relation, which We, as a team, aim at.

Our motivation

Client is the most important for us.
Therefore, every day we give what is best of us – each and every one of us and altogether!

My decision

Every day I experience some positive effects of my decision. (…)
It has not only changed me in terms of my looks, but I have started to notice a beautiful smile and appreciate myself, which was unthinkable earlier (…).
Metabolic Transformation Programme is the only solution, innovative approach to the current human problems, fast pace of life, chemical food.

I heartily recommend Kreacja Ciała!

I believed in myself!
I believed I can!
Believe, too!





I started my carrier as a massage therapist during my first studies. While studying English philology I completed massage therapy course and I started my adventure with massage. Passion and involvement in the therapist’s work together with willingness to improve my knowledge about human physiology were so huge that I decided to begin the studies...



"Liberal dietician", as I like to call myself – I am open to many noutritional concepts, as I think there is no one good diet for everyone, and everyone needs individual approach and help...



I started my professional carrier during the studies. While studying management at the University of Economics in Poznań I started working in my family’s company, first at the bottom rung. Before I finished studies, I had already worked as a sales director...




Brak możliwości płatności kartą!


Niestety chwilowo nie można u nas płacić kartą.


Warsztaty Kreacja Kobiecości - od akceptacji do inspiracji!

Już 06.10.2018 w Hotelu Rodan w Kórniku zapraszamy wszystkie Panie na bezpłatne warsztaty dla kobiet, które pragną odkryć swoje wewnętrzne piękno i uświadomić sobie, jak bardzo są niezwykłe, wartościowe oraz atrakcyjne - niezależnie od tego, co przynosi im każdy dzień!


Okładka i wywiad w Poznańskim Prestiżu!


Nasza pierwsza okładka w czasopiśmie Poznański Prestiż

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