Magdalena Kocurek

Make-up artist

Magdalena Kocurek has worked on visage and styling of hair and body for 12 years now.
I run make-up workshops individually and in groups. For the last 4 years I have been the owner of a workshop of femininity Stolarnia in Poznań. I cooperate with a few advertising agencies, where I have an opportunity to fulfill myself at advertising or film productions. For a few years I have worked on arranging the set, stenography and costumes (in plays such as: ‘Ciekawa pora roku’ (‘An interesting season’), ‘Kochanie, zabiłem nasze koty’ (‘Honey, I killed our cats’) and ‘4,12’). I have cooperated with Kasia Wilk and Maleńczuk on the production of their album covers. I have also had a chance to do the make-up for Marysia Sadowska. I permanently cooperate with Barbara Kurdej-Szatan.
I worked on the set of ‘Kocham Cię, Polsko!’ (‘I love you, Poland!’) where I had an opportunity to meet and work with all of the Polish celebrities.
I have ‘Gala’ and ‘Viva’ magazine covers on my scorecard.
I work at the fashion shows, but I also do the wedding or occasional make-ups.
I worked at the editorials of fashion brands such as Semper, Top Secret or Dime.
I cooperate with plenty of photographers at the photo sessions, both individual and fashion ones.
I was born with this type of esthetic sensitivity that allows me to see beauty in another human being, and most importantly dig out the beauty and emphasize it. I am here to help people feel good in their own body, and by make-up and properly selected items of clothing emphasize heir beauty, and therefore boost their self- esteem and self-acceptance.

Katarzyna Baraniak

Personal trainer

Sports have been with me since I can remember, but even in my wildest dreams I would not think that I would run the fitness trainings myself, let alone become a Personal Trainer. Though my education has wandered in a different direction, my heart could not live without regular practice, exercise, endorphins after each physical effort. In 2009 I completed a course for instructors obtaining the title of Professional Basic Fitness Instructor. Parallel to my job, the role of fitness instructor has been with me almost every day, thanks to which I have developed a 7-year-experience in this area. For those years it was a challenge to reconcile a full-time office job with evening fitness trainings, and later with a baby. Yet, passion and addiction to sports have not let me give up.
Eventually, I decided to dedicate myself to what I loved most, and here I am. Rich in practical and theoretical knowledge about personal sports training, I will try to motivate and help people who need advice and company on the way to healthy body and self-acceptance.
People who feel bad in crowded fitness clubs and cannot motivate themselves to practice.
People who are busy; who spend most of the day sitting behind the desk and need help in maintaining healthy body and ease the conditions connected with sedentary lifestyle, such as backache, wrong body posture, etc., and who, because of a busy schedule, have time for training in various hours and days of the week, which does not allow them to take regular classes in clubs. By promoting physical activity I would like to motivate those belonging to 50+ age group, who feel more comfortable in smaller groups and wish to focus on individual technique and work on the form, which will be suited exactly to their expectations. Mums who cannot deal with going back to the pre-pregnancy figure, whose helplessness and tiredness I completely understand, as I am a mum myself.
Busy and stressed people, for whom it is difficult to find time and energy for fitness club trainings and prefer to exercise at home or in the open-air.
Do you need company to practice? Let’s train together!

Basia Libako

instruktorka jogi, organizatorka wyjazdów w  poszukiwaniu inspiracji, pasji, nowych doświadczeń i znajomości.
„W jodze jak w życiu - eksperymentuję i nie trzymam się sztywnych reguł. Uwielbiam jogę, ale podchodzę do niej po swojemu. Łączę różne, inspirujące mnie style, zarówno jogi, jak i ruchu jako takiego. Nie kalkuję i nie przekładam jej na nasz grunt – powstała w innej kulturze, innym kraju i klimacie. Konfrontuję indyjskie doświadczenia i mądrości ze współczesnym światem i teraźniejszością. Moja joga to joga współczesnej kobiety, która wie czego chce, dba o dobre samopoczucie i dobry wygląd, ale w niczym nie jest skrajna. Gorące serce, chłodny umysł. Kontrola ciała i oddechu. Swoboda tworzenia i wolności. Równowaga we wszystkim. Bezcenne.”



Kreacja Ciała
ul. Grodziska 14
60-363 Poznań
Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 10am-4pm
tel. +48 781 003 555